Rust OF Chrysanthemum

Disease Information


Symptoms and damage

This disease is caused by the fungus Pucciniachrysanthemi. Rust infection causes pale areas to appear on upper leaf surfaces, with powdery orange pustules or spots directly beneath on the undersides of the leaves. Severely infected plants are much weakened and fail to bloom properly.


Remove infected leaves as soon as possible. Set new plants farther apart and provide better ventilation. Water the soil without wetting the plants. If disease is severe enough to warrant chemical control, use a fungicide with mancozeb as active ingredient. Some chrysanthemum varieties, which are resistant to rust, are `Achievement`, `Copper Bowl`, `Escapade`, `Helen Castle`, `Mandalay`, `Matador`, `Miss Atlanta`, `Orange Bowl`, and `Powder Puff`.

Examples of  Fungicides(Myclobutanil - Neem Oil – Propiconazole - Thiophanate-methyl )



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