Agave Snout Weevil

Disease Information

Agave Snout Weevil



The adult weevil attacks many species of agave. The verylarge

Agave Americana or century plant is more susceptible to weevil damage than the smaller species.



The adult weevil is about ½ inch (12 mm)

in length, is brownish black and has a dull body .The adult female enters the base of the plant to lay eggs.

Symptoms and damage

Decay microbes also enter through this injury and as the tissue rots,

the plant has a wilted appearance. Infested plants soon collapse and die.The larvae (grubs) develop in the dying plant and infect other hosts

nearby. Agave snout weevil also infests the canes of several Yucca



Control of the agave snout weevil is difficult.

Selecting species that are less susceptible and typically smaller than the century plant is helpful, especially in areas where the problem

has occurred previously. With rare or special specimens, chemical prevention using a broad-spectrum insecticide applied in spring is often effective in reducing damage.


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