Plant bugs of Agave -Aloe -Cactus -Yucca

Disease Information

Plant bugs


Caulotopsbarberi,small plant bugs measuring about 1/16 0.6 inches (1.6mm) long, attack agaves and other rosette succulents Large

populations may be found on any given plant.


 The populations reach damaging numbers in late summer or early fall.

The bugs feed on leaves and cause a light yellow-tan scar at the point of feeding .

If left untreated,the plant will decline and eventually die.


Caulotopsbarberimay be controlled by using insecticidal soap or a broad

spectrum ornamental plant insecticide. Chemicals should be applied in

early morning or late evening when the bugs are most active. Several applications of the insecticidal material may be needed

for complete control.



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