Chlorosis of wisteria

Disease Information


Symptomsand damage

This in fact is not a disease but a deficiency: the low content of nutrients in the ground will cause a decolouration of the leaves (this decolouration can show different tone in respect to the specific nutritive element missing or exciding). This decays in a lack of chlorophyll therefore a poor photosynthesis and poor develop and growth. An example is a soil with a high content of limestone prevents the roots from absorbing iron causing a yellow decolouration of the leaves.


To resolve this problem distribute 30g-50g per metre sq. of iron sulphate and 50g-100g per metre sq. of powdered sulphur. Repeat once or twice a year, every year. Sometimes the problem is due to the presence of some buried debris, in such a case it is necessary to remove the debris.

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