Pythium and Rhizoctonia of jasmine

Disease Information

Pythium and Rhizoctonia

Symptomsand damage

Also called damping-off, Pythium primarily attacks the jasmines roots, while Rhizoctonia can infect all parts of the plant. These fungal infections are spread and most active in wet, humid conditions. Poor soil drainage, limited air circulation, heavy rainfall or overhead irrigation may all contribute to root-rot diseases. Infected roots soften and darken, and new shoots on the plant may grow in distorted or turn brown and lifeless. Plants experience slow growth, decline and may eventually die.


 Improve soil drainage as necessary. Temporarily remove soil at the base of the plant to allow the roots to dry; replace with dry, sterilized soil. Prune to remove infected foliage and to improve air circulation. Destroy cuttings away from the garden. A fungicide drench may help prevent the spread of the disease, but may not cure it. Choose a fungicide labelled effective against Pythium or Rhizoctonia and follow label directions carefully.

Examples of Fungicides (Myclobutanil - Neem Oil – Propiconazole - Thiophanate-methyl )


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