Southern Blight of jasmine

Disease Information

Southern Blight

Symptomsand damage

Southern blight, caused by Sclerotiumrolfsii, is often called white mold because of the white, threadymycelial structures that spread outward from the stem and topmost roots. Often, the first symptom you see will be yellowed, wilting lower leaves, even though the fungus actually lives just below the soil line. Southern blight is difficult to control. Prevention is the best course of action in the garden. Check new plants for mycelium threads before planting.


Remove mulch from around the plant, since the fungus can overwinter in this material. Sanitize garden tools before pruning away blighted areas of the jasmine, and destroy cuttings away from the garden. No fungicides are available to control southern blight. If the jasmine is severely infected, remove and destroy it. Plant resistant ornamental plants in the jasmine`s place.

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