Bacterial Xanthomon as leaf spot of hedera helix

Disease Information

Bacterial Xanthomonas leaf spot

(Xanthomonascampestrispv. hederae)


Brown to black circular to irregular spots often with yellow to red halo and a water-soaked margin found first on older leaves; stem and petiole cankers may also develop. W ith heavy infection, the young leaves can be malformed. Common on juvenile ivies and on adult forms when overhead irrigation is used; predominant in summer months.


Reduce overhead irrigation; use drip irrigation to prevent spread of the pathogen through water splashes. Use only disease-free propagation material. Trim and dispose of infected plant material. Treat with copper hydroxide (Kocide , Blue ® Shield , Champ , Champion ), copper ® ® ® sulfate pentahydrate (Phyton ), or fosetyl ® aluminum (Aliette ) to reduce disease ® spread.

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