Rhizoctonia root rot of hedera helix

Disease Information

Rhizoctonia root rot

aerial blight (Rhizoctonia solani


Brown, irregular lesions develop on the entire plant. Plant may wilt. Blighted leaves may mat together. Entire plants can be blighted and killed. Tan to light brown hyphae (thread-like fungal growth) can be seen between the soil and blighted foliage. Common on juvenile ivies and on adult forms when overhead irrigation is used; predominant during hot, humid weather. Disease development is rapid.


Use pathogen-free potting media, pots and plant material. Do not over-water or over-fertilize plants. Remove infected plants to reduce spread of the pathogen. Treat with PCNB (Terrachlor ), etridiazole ® + thiophanate-methyl (Banrot ) or ® iprodione (Chipco 26019 ).

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