Whoolly Aphids on Pyracantha

Disease Information

Whoolly Aphids on Pyracantha


Whoolly Aphids can first seem like some sort of fungus but it is actually a type of aphid that sucks sap from your Pyracantha. They are brownish in colour but appear to be white and look a little like cotton wool giving it the name `Whoolly Aphid`.

As they suck the sap from shrubs and trees it will cause lumps to appear called knobbly galls on infected areas. Affected branches often need pruning away as they rarely recover from the attack. If left untreated they will kill a full grown plant leaving you no option but to remove it and plant another plant.


Any spray with Pyrethroids and Pyrethrin in will be effective. The chemical content of pesticides can be found on the bottles of chemicals at all garden centres and nurseries.



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