Caterpillars on Pyracantha

Disease Information

Caterpillars on Pyracantha

Symptoms and damage

Caterpillars are probably one of the best known pest in the garden and come in  lots of different colours from green to black with yellow stripes. The problem is they eat the leaves almost continuously, causing significant plant damage. When they are small they tend to live on the underside of leaves so are hard to spot but as they get bigger they tend to turn to the top of leaves.


Caterpillars can be controlled with pesticides but if you use a contact one (one that needs to touch the caterpillar to kill it) make sure you spray the underside of leaves. Systemic pesticides are better as they are taken in by the plant which then acts as a poison in the plant and then when the caterpillars eat the leaves they get poisoned and die. To find a suitable pesticide head down to your local garden centre and look for one that says its effective against caterpillars.


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