Apids on Pyracantha

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Apids on Pyracantha


over 400 more varieties of aphid which range in colour and size. They feed on the sap that is drawn up though the branches of Pyracantha.


Many natural enemies, including ladybird beetles (ladybugs), lacewings, syrphid flies, damsel bugs and wasps, feed on or are parasites of aphids, generally keeping them under control. Insecticides are available, but aphids are difficult to control with chemicals because of their ability to multiply rapidly. Insecticides also kill the aphids`a natural enemies often making the problem more severe. Aphids can be removed with a strong stream of water if applied regularly. When population numbers are low, insecticidal soap can effectively control aphids. Thoroughly spray both leaf surfaces when using insecticidal soap. For more severe infestation, sprays of bifenthrin, cyfluthrin, lambda cyhalothrin or permethrin will control aphids.

Control of Flowering Bulb Insect Pests (Acephate –Bifenthrin –Permethrin –Cyfluthrin )



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