Boron (B) of Radish

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Boron (B)
Soils in the high-rainfall areas of KZN are often low in available boron, and deficiencies may be expected on such soils.


A deficiency is characterised by an internal discolouration and cracking of the stem at the base of the head. A roughness, almost a cork-like appearance, on the lower surface of the mid-rib of the leaves, also occurs. Deficiency causes a browning of cauliflower curds. Internal
cracking of the stem of broccoli, without any discolouration, is common when the plants grow rapidly, especially at lower plant populations. This symptom should not be confused with a boron deficiency, which causes an internal discolouration.


will respond well to foliar sprays of, for example, Solubor. Usually 3 kg will correct
such deficiencies. Where any bean crop is included in the rotation, rather under- than overapply boron, because high rates of boron can be very toxic to these crops (toxicity symptoms may be manifested in beans when soil boron levels are above 5 ppm).

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