Actinopelte Leaf Spot Of Oak

Disease Information

Actinopelte Leaf Spot

 Symptoms and damage

This fungal disease may be a serious problem in wet weather. It is caused by the fungus Tubakiadryina (formerly calledActinopeltedryina). The symptoms are circular, dark to reddish brown leaf spots with a diameter of ¼ to ½ inch. Spots may run together to form irregular blotches. Tiny black specks in rings are visible in the spots and blotches. Severe infections cause the trees to loose their leaves prematurely. Trees of low vigor, that are repeatedly defoliated, may die.


 Destruction of all infected plant material will reduce the spread of the fungus. Small trees defoliated several years in a row may need spraying. Apply mancozeb, chlorothalonil, thiophanate-methyl or a copper fungicide according to the instructions on the labels. Complete coverage is necessary for control.


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