Bacterial Leaf Scorch Of Maple

Disease Information

Bacterial Leaf Scorch

Symptomsand damage

This disease is caused by the bacterium Xylellafastidiosa. Symptoms often start out as a marginal chlorosis or yellowing of the leaves before they fade to a drab green or brown color. Presumably the symptoms develop because of water stress within the water conducting vessels. Diseased trees lose vigor, and branches or entire trees may eventually die. The symptoms are most noticeable in late summer to early fall, following extended periods of drought. The bacteria are transmitted by leafhoppers and vegetatively through grafts and cuttings.


 In general, practices that encourage root development and root function are recommended. Incorporate organic soil amendments into the soil to improve aeration and drainage of clay soils or to improve the water holding capacity of sandy soils. Irrigate during periods of drought. The disease has been suppressed by oxytetracycline injections.

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