Cercospora Leaf Spot of Crape Myrtle

Disease Information

Cercospora Leaf Spot


Leaf spots caused by Cercosporalythracearum may appear on crape myrtles that are caused by the fungus Cercospora species during periods of warm, moist weather. Yellow spots (3 to 6 inch diameter) appear on the upper leaf surface with white-grey sporulation of the fungus on the lower leaf surface. The disease can result in almost complete defoliation of the plant in late summer and fall in susceptible cultivars.



 Select resistant varieties for new plantings. The varieties, `Fantasy,``Tonto,``Tuscarora,``Tuskegee` and `Velma`s Royal Delight,` have exhibited resistance to Cercospora leaf spot in field trials. The amount of resistance may vary from location to location and may depend on particular environmental conditions. Provide good air circulation and avoid overcrowding plants. If disease is severe enough to warrant using chemicals for control, thiophanate-methyl, or myclobutanil as used for powdery mildew will control Cercospora leaf spot .


Examples of Fungicides (Myclobutanil - Neem Oil – Propiconazole - Thiophanate-methyl )


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