Viburnum-Leaf Spots

Disease Information

Viburnum-Leaf Spots

Symptoms Necrotic leaf spots of various sizes.


Cultural control

Destroy affected leaves or plant debris if practical.

Chemical controlBest used before symptoms develop. Bacteria resistant to copper products have been detected in many nurseries.

Armada 50 WDG at 3 to 9 oz/100 gal water.

Bonide Fung-onil Multi-purpose Fungicide at 2.25 teaspoons/gal water. H

Daconil Weather Stik at 1.4 pints/100 gal water may be effective for fungal leaf spots. Group M5 fungicide.12-hr reentry.

Mancozeb-based products can be used for fungal leaf spots. Group M3 fungicides.24-hr reentry.

Pentathlon DF at 1.5 lb/A plus a spreader-sticker.

Protect DF at 1 to 2 lb/100 gal water plus 2 to 4 oz spreader-sticker.

Monterey Liqui-Cop at 3 Tbsp/gal water. H

Pageant at 8 to 12 oz/100 gal water. Do not use more than two (2) consecutive applications before switching to a different fungicide group. Group 7 + 11 fungicide.12-hr reentry.

Phyton 27 at 1.5 to 2.5 oz/10 gal water.Group M1 fungicide.24-hr reentry.

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