Snow Scale of hibiscus

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Snow Scale


The key problem with these insects is that they live most of their lives underneath a hard protective shield. This is the white armor that is seen when snow scale are spotted on hibiscus. That is why pesticides that are sprayed on them are largely ineffective. The armor isn`t alive and the pesticide doesn`t penetrate it to where the live insects are.


The reason the bugs don`t seem to move is that what we mostly see are females, who settle in one place and attach themselves to the plant with penetrating mouth parts. They just sit there, suck plant juices, and lay eggs that hatch, and develop under their armor. It takes about 30 to 45 days from egg to reproductive adult, which means that many generations will be produced in one year`s time.


smother the snow scale with oil! Snow scale can`t survive being covered with undiluted oil, so as long as you conscientiously cover each snow scale bug completely with oil, the treatment will be 100% effective.

Next isolate the hibiscus that are infested. Bring them into a shady area away from other potential host plants (hibiscus, orchids, palms, anything tropical). If hibiscus are in the ground and can`t be moved, wait until late afternoon or evening to treat them. The oil can burn the plants if applied in direct, hot sunshine. But hort oil is very lightweight and will soon evaporate off the plant in evening shade, posing no hazard by the heat of the next day.




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